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Existence and history of the association Ravinala

Marodoka account 3 associations. The women Ravinala of Marodoka, collectively called "Ladies de Marodoka, guards of the heritage (holdings) and actresses of development» is one of these associations.
She  is created in April, 2008 by some women native of Marodoka. Originally, these ladies had met fairly for embroiderers' association. At the end of a few months, they diversified their activities by noticing the cultural and historic value of their village. They then made a commitment to value their local traditions and to develop the cultural tourism. Today the association accounts 43 s

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Nosy Be is a big island situated off a vast bight of the side northeast of Madagascar. A fashionable distant destination thanks to the numerous trump cards which it offers to the tourism particularly directed to the discovery of the cultures and the stories accessible to the Whole world.

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